Our event with the title "Sustainable use of soil - production, and degradation of bio-based products"

held on December 9, 2020, to celebrate World Soil Day, was successfully completed.

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The Bioeconomy Forum organized

the 1st BioEconomy event in Greece in Thessaloniki on 10 & 11 May 2019

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Dr. Chris Patermann
Director, ret. European Commission
'Father' of the European Bioeconomy

I strongly encourage my friends and colleagues in Greece to associate to the Bioeconomy Club
of like-minded, as the country has undoubtedly strong, yet untapped potentialin human resources,
infrastructures , knowledge, education, training, and last but not least certain value chains of biomass.
I congratulate you for your recent efforts of creating the Greek Bioeconomy Forum and I look
forward in close cooperation in the near future.


With best wishes for the new Greek Bioeconomy Forum

Lene Lange
Professor, Dr.scient.
Center for BioProcess Engineering
Danish Technological University (DTU)

Developing the Bioeconomy in Europe should be given high priority as it can deliver
to all aspects of the Horizon 2020 Vision for Europe, as a smarter more sustainable
and socially inclusive society. More specifically, focus should be on unlocking the full
potential of the Mediterranean biomasses, residues and side-streams
for higher value products, creation of jobs, and rural
and coastal economic development.

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The Greek bioeconomy forum is a platform where individuals interested in bioeconomy and circular economy come together. The forum operates as a think tank and offers individuals and stakeholders the opportunity to meet, share and network among each other.

The vision of the forum is to raise awareness about bio-economy & circular economy and promote the advantages and opportunities presented at local, regional and national level, including among other actions the transfer of know-how and experience in the EU and world-wide. Its aspirations include appealing to the Greek policy and business ecosystems by

a) influencing the creation and implementation of a robust framework to motivate the development of bioeconomy as a whole

b) supporting the elaboration and implementation of a national action plan to inspire and mobilize investments in bioeconomy and circular economy.

Bioeconomy potential

creating economic growth and jobs in rural, coastal and industrial areas, reducing fossil fuel dependence and improving the economic and environmental sustainability of primary production and processing industries

Bioeconomy scope

turning biological residues and wastes into greener everyday products through innovative technologies and bio-refineries



Individuals that have an active interest for bioeconomy. People with managerial or technical knowledge surrounding the bio-economy coming from business, academia or policy. People that have a personal interest and are thus willing to bring in their own expertise and contribute towards spreading the word about the benefits and opportunities of bioeconomy.

To participate in the Greek Bioeconomy Forum please press here


Given the characteristics of the country, bioeconomy can play a major role in driving the national economy in the next decades. Therefore, we need to acknowledge and exploit the opportunities available and take appropriate actions to create the environment for new bio-processes, bio-products and bio-markets that will benefit the entire society. The bioeconomy forum will work towards this direction.

To participate in the Greek Bioeconomy Forum please press here


  • BRIDGES – Improve RIS3 implementation governance and the delivery of the structural funds to benefit from policy learning and enhance industry-led Centres of Competence (CC) as RIS3 implementation units in the field of Bioeconomy

  • SuperBIO – New, innovative, cross border and cross sectorial value chains in the biobased economy

  • greenGain – Sustainable Energy from Landscape Conservation and Maintenance Biomass

  • MED-ALGAE – Production of Biodiesel from Algae in Mediterranean Countries

  • SAHYOG – Strengthening Networking on Biomass Research and Biowaste Conversion – Biotechnology for Europe India Integration

  • STAR – Strategic and Technological Advancement in Research on AgroEnergy (and Bio-products for Regional Development)

  • Towards2030 Dialogue – Renewable Energies Policy Framework for 2030

  • TRANSrisk – Transition Pathways and Risk Analysis for Climate Change


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